Our short call and save the date for the weekend of action against radical anti-abortionists on March 18 & 19, 2022 in Munich

On March 19, 2022, the second „March for Life“ will take place in Munich, a demonstration by radical anti-abortionists. As in the previous year, we do not want to leave these anti-feminist activities unanswered and, under the motto „Heaven is a place on earth“, call for a weekend to take to the streets together for a world without cops, without christian fundamentalists and without patriarchy.

We are angry!

The action weekend starts on Friday, March 18, 2022 with a feminist demonstration against police violence. The feminist counter-protests of recent years have shown that the cops always prove to be loyal allies of the fundamentalists and use massive violence to clear the way for them.

In the course of the protests, we want to make the misogyny and anti-feminist resentments within the police visible, name them as political actors and not leave the experienced violence and repression unanswered. Because with clubs and helmets, the police confront us in the feminist struggle for sexual and reproductive self-determination as the symbolized patriarchal violence.

Confronting anti-abortionists!

For Saturday, March 19, 2022, we call for sabotaging the so-called „March for Life“! Because especially in times of right-wing mass mobilizations, it is important to stick together and defend what has been fought for. The self-proclaimed „pro life“ movement demands a ban on abortions, represents a rigid sexual morality, is homophobic and transphobic and stands for gender roles from the day before yesterday. This misogynistic and anti-feminist ideology can be connected far into large parts of society. But in heaven on earth such misanthropic positions have no place!

Several rallies are planned for Saturday. We call on you to sabotage the march with decentralized actions! Be creative, be loud, be fierce. Let’s fight against patriarchal violence and the police. Together, shoulder to shoulder, step by step, for a world where all genders can live without fear and for paradise on earth!

Alerta Feminista!